What do we do on our Masterclasses?


One of the things we really pride ourselves on at Art Interior is our upcycling. We have some of the most skilled craftsmen and -women, who are able to create outstanding home decor items out of seemingly lost causes. And this is exactly what upcycling is all about: Taking something old, damaged or just plain broken, and breathing new life into it through a crafty transformation.

We have great respect for all home decor items, no matter how old or worn out, and we love seeing them come back to life and find new homes. Come by our workshop to see where and how the magic happens. We’re always working on some home decor item or another.

15 euro/person

Color effect in Interior:

Color blocking is a new trendy and cheap tendency in renovating your space. Find out the easiest way to make fast your apartment stunning at our two-days “Interior Coloring Scheme” Masterclass.

15 euro/person

Interior Textile:

Traditions and new tendencies; Cozy spaces created mainly with textile; Fabric structures and their daily care

15 euro/person

Florist Masterclass

Add the freshness to your home and do it like a professional florist!

We’ll teach you to make your own unique florist composition in accordance to your Interior style, to keep it for long, or to make a bouquet “from nothing” (during our outside “nature” classes) or using your garden’s plants (individual consulting; after the Main Florist Course)

15 euro/person for group Classes (plus the cost of flowers; if applied)

30 euro for personal training (90′ ; plus the cost of flowers if applied)

We are happy to share our experience with everyone.

Please contact us for the Classes schedule, prices and discounts.