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Style and coherence

Our work

We love to experiment in a collaboration with property landlords. Every our project is the result of team work, and always has a personal touch of its’ owner

Interior Expertise

Sometimes, we advise decoration of small projects based only on the photos and floor plans, for free. Though, it is always helps to feel the “aura” and see hidden problems of the property, and we recommend a “real-life” inspection


Running a project on a different stages: based on architecture plans or renovation of an old apartment with existing furniture recycling


We always find a cheapest solution for every case and always guarantee a unique interior

About Our Elegant Work

At Art Interior, people in places is our game. We believe that the best spaces are  truly individual and a reflection of you or your business. We strive to create thoughtful interiors that delight and inspire you on a daily basis, and we scour the globe to find you the most unique and beautiful pieces to enjoy for a life time. Art Interior values function, comfort, and beauty which we achieve through classic design practices and an artistic approach to composition.  Beginning with research and inspiration, we move through the stages of design to find you the most efficient, functional, and elegant solution, while adhering to practical measures such as budget, accessibility, and timeline.
 Don’t have a huge budget? No problem. For an hourly fee we will walk you through ideas, brainstorm solutions, or provide sourcing for specific problems such as layout, paint color, or where to find affordable art.
Pulling it all together is our specialty; from finding the perfect antique, to placing that blanket just so, to creating fantastic tablescapes. Art Interior can help make your product, home, or business look great for an event, photo shoot, or a visit from the Queen of England.

Furniture renovation

One of the things we really pride ourselves on at Art Interior is our upcycling. We have some of the most skilled craftsmen and -women, who are able to create outstanding home decor items out of seemingly lost causes. And this is exactly what upcycling is all about: Taking something old, damaged or just plain broken, and breathing new life into it through a crafty transformation.

We have great respect for all home decor items, no matter how old or worn out, and we love seeing them come back to life and find new homes. Come by our store to see where and how the magic happens. We’re always working on some home decor item or another.

Final touches

Your apartment could be perfectly renovated, furnished with an elegance and spotless cleaned but… there’s a feeling that something is missing. We will show you how to decorate your space with textiles and flowers, and some pretty little things you may keep for years in a storage.

Our masterclasses’ main target is to wake your creativity up. We believe everybody has a talent; sometimes it needs a small “kick:))

Quality Products At Competitive Prices

Come to our shop to see the results of our work. You could buy a ready one item, or order a unique hand-made piece which suits your interior, or study to make your own

Our Project



No matter if new or upcycled furniture was used, we collaborate with well-known quality products – wall and furniture colors, textile, furniture fittings, etc., and this is our guarantee


Comfort and elegance are our main targets when creating living spaces


We create beautiful spaces everywhere. Hotels and AirBNB apartments are our speciality