Every person is unique, as well as his home. 

Being specialists, we would love to share our experience with you and help you to create the best interior ever – a real Art Interior! 

Key Services Offered :

There are six main areas of expertise for residential and business premises:

  • – “Zero” level – when you are ready to do your investments but need a “side” advisor.
  • – 1st level – renovation of existing property
  • – 2nd level – furnishing: when your apartment is empty and you need to fill it with style
  • – 3rd level – renovating; your home needs some renovations (low cost, using our facilities, up to high budget branded projects)
  • – 4th level – your apartment/house/villa needs a “refresh” in accordance of the new trend (or it might tire your family) – general inspection. We could change some pieces of furniture and textile, add wall art or cut in two parts your granny’s table to make an incredible console for an entrance zone
  • – 5th level – furniture replacement, checking out your storage rooms in order to find a unique items for decor; selecting a textile and flowers, candles and pictures/posters frames; putting all together in the coherence.

Construction consulting

We start from “Zero” and bring the project to the “key-to-hand” level


Furnishing is one of the main stages. We do it in accordance of the main style approved by you, and cooperating you.


Challenge accepted! We use the existing decor items with max abilities to bring the losses to min. Let’s do it together! Join our favorite game now!


Posted on 14 Aug, 2017
Posted on 30 July, 2017